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The foreign exchange market is the largest in the world with an average of $5 trillion currencies traded every day! Access the forex market and trade more than 55 currencies with no hidden charges.
Cost effective and direct access to the global equity markets
Instant access to global economies
Speculation on market uptrends/downtrends
Going short/long according to market moves
Suits Both short and long term trading strategies
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Futures Indices
Dow Jones, Nasdaq and other stock index futures are available at a glance for you to plan your trading strategy.
High volatility, greater price movement
Trade oil the most actively traded commodity worldwide
Go short/long according to market moves
Trade on a margin of as low as 20 USD
No overnight financing on oil CFDs
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Energy trading involves products like crude oil, electricity, natural gas and wind power. Oil trading is a globalized, 24-hour market, with its prices in constant motion. This makes it an ideal instrument for day traders who look for fast movements and choose CFDs as the easiest way to trade on oil prices.
Trade gold and silver online with no re-quotes
An attractive investment alternative beside forex
Highly liquid markets
Go short or long with the same account
Trade with no hidden charges
Precious Metals
Precious metals have been some of the most popular hard commodities to trade since the 1970s. Besides currency exchange (forex) trading, investing in gold and other precious metals long-term is a worldwide popular way of portfolio risk management during times of inflation or economic/political uncertainty.